How To Take Home The W When Playing Backyard Football

Father and son playing backyard footballYou can play for fun and play to win. Fall is a great time to rally some players and have a good old game of backyard football. A little friendly competition can make for an exciting game for players and bystanders. InsideHook asked NFL Players how to dominate your football game this season, and we have all of the key tips for your team to end in victory!

Dress for the Weather

No need to dust off your old helmet and pads or break the bank for a new uniform. Simply wearing long sleeves and tights under shorts can be enough to keep you warm. Some professional athletes even put on hot cream before they take the field. Keeping your muscles warm is the important part!

Warm Up 

You’ll definitely need a good warm-up to stay loose and get your blood flowing. Run a couple of sprints with the team before you start playing. The older you are, the more stretching you need, so take that seriously. Do a quick jog and a 5-to-10-minute stretch.  

Choose Your Quarterback Wisely

Being quarterback is a lot of pressure, and not everyone has the mental toughness it takes, so choose your QB wisely. Choosing a balance between older age and a good arm could mean the difference between winning and losing. Also, you may get stuck as the best choice quarterback for your backyard team, so just remember the best receiver to throw to is an open receiver. Try to spread the ball around too.

When in Doubt, Chuck it 

Take yourself back to streetball as a kid. When in doubt, run deep and through it. Unless you have a speed demon on your team, throwing down field is always a better option than running the ball.

Be Ready On Offence 

Make sure your hands and eyes are always ready when running a route. You want to catch the ball in your hands, not with your body. A good strategy would be to high point the ball and “attack” it with your hands. You don’t want to forget to look all the way in at the ball. Follow it through with your eyes too, not just your hands.  

Stay Back on Defense and Keep it Simple

Get back to avoid giving up big plays. You always want to keep the play in front of you. Keep things simple. Overcomplicating things can make it more challenging to prevent big plays. Try playing man-to-man defense with your best athlete as a safety. Trying plays you learned, playing Madden, or listening to a commentator can cause overcomplication.  

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The Intimidation Factor

Never underestimate the intimidation factor. Getting in your opponent’s head could mean the difference between a victory and a loss. Don’t forget to have fun too! After all, it’s just a game.

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