Overflow Your Garden With These Autumn-Approved Blooms

Fall pumpkins and flowersSpring isn’t the only time of year to get excited about gardening. Fall gardening has many delightful attributes and plants. For one, the fall is a lot cooler so the garden doesn’t need as much tending to as in the spring months.  Planting some fall-blooming annuals and perennials is an exciting idea to keep your garden looking lively. Find out which autumn-approved blooms you might want to plant this year!

Classic Chrysanthemum

Mums are a classic floral seen in the fall, available in beautiful colors of yellow, orange, and red.  These botanical classics need full sun, a regular amount of water, and can mature from one to five feet.  Makes sure your soil is well-drained for these beauties and cut them back about eight inches above the ground after they finish blooming.  

Sturdy Aster

Almost as popular as the mums, the sturdy aster is a great fall perennial. They show soft pinks, purples, and blues, which adds a nice contrast to the other fall flowers. Their bright yellow center ties in the other fall colors perfectly.  Similar to the Chrysanthemums, asters need full sun exposure, regular watering, and mature about one to five feet in size.  

Decorative Flowering Cabbage and Kale 

Once underappreciated, veggies have turned into unique fall and winter garden ornamentals. Their stunning shades of white, purple, and red add an effervescent look to your fall garden. Make sure to space them about one and a half inches apart as they mature between one to one and a half feet. Flowering cabbage and kale need to be regularly watered and prefer full sun, although they can take some shade.  

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Glorious Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan’s are the perfect fall plant as they dance with their colors of gold and black. Gardeners also love this botanical because they bring bees, birds, and butterflies. Most begin their bloom in the summer, but they continue into the fall season. Some also refer to these flowers as gloriosa daisy, coneflowers, or brown-eyed Susan.  Black-eyed Susan needs moderate to regular water and can do full sun to light shade. These monstrous beauties can mature from two feet to ten!

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