8 Tips To Easily Keep Your Car Free From Clutter

Worker Cleaning Car Dashboard

Let’s be honest, we all get busy and often neglect our cars sometimes. Keeping your car clean all the time can be a challenge, especially when you have a lot going on, but there is no need to worry because we have 8 tips to easily keep your car free of clutter even on your busiest days.


Sometimes, creating a good habit is all you need to keep your vehicle free of clutter. Taking your trash out of your car every time you get out is a great habit to form that will keep your car clean. Even when you’re out in public, there is sure to be a garbage can nearby you can walk over to and toss any cups, napkins, or receipts. If you have little ones, you can even invest in a reusable trash can for your vehicle. That way, it has a designated place.

Cleaning Essentials

Sometimes spills and messes happen, or maybe you just touch a dirty gas station pump. Either way, anti-bacterial wipes, and microfiber cloths are good things to keep in your glove box or center console for these types of situations.

Floor Mats

Keeping your floor mats clean is an important factor in visible cleanliness. They track all sorts of debris and weather. Vacuum and wipe them regularly for a fresh car.

Leather Seats

If your vehicle has leather seats, they require care to keep them in the best shape. Keep your leather seats conditioned with a leather conditioner to prevent cracking and scratching. Your nearby auto store may even have conditioning wipes.

Pet Hair

If you have any furry friends that you transport, you’ll want to save your seats from their hair and even nails. Invest in a durable seat cover to protect against muddy paws, sharp nails, shedding, and other messes that keep your car cluttered and dirty.

Silicone Cupcake Liners

This may sound funny, but silicone cupcake liners can be used in cupholders to prevent spills and prevent your cupholders from getting sticky.

Travel Essentials

Keep travel essentials like a blanket, first aid kit, jumper cables, and other emergency items in your trunk in case of an emergency. You may even be able to hide them with the stare tire to keep away clutter.

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Glove Box

Keep a stash of napkins and hand sanitizer in your glove compartment for easy clean-up for mess prevention.

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