5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

Woman Holding Recycling Bin

We are a short two days away from Earth Day! This Friday, April 22, families will wake up to thank our planet. It’s important to teach children to love the Earth and take care of it at a young age, so experience these five “go green” activities together.

Take a Walk

Leave your car at home! If you live within walking distance from work or school, plan to leave a little early and take a walk. Not only will this help you get your steps in, but it will reduce pollution. If you are not within walking distance from your destination, make a point to carpool with your co-workers.

Feed the Birds

If you want to provide a source of nutrients for your bird friends when they are passing by in your yard, it’s time you make a DIY bird feeder. You can use recycled materials like a toilet paper roll, plastic bottle, or pine cone. Once you hang it up in your backyard, all of the birds will starting chirping in.

Start Recycling

Never been much of a recycler? Earth Day is a fine time to start. Label some bins around your house, and simply, get started. Have one bin for plastic, another for paper, and one for aluminum. Find out how to have it picked up just like trash in your community.

Let Something Grow

Give back to the ground you walk on by planting something new and letting it grow. Whether you are finally getting around to planting your spring flowers or you have always longed for a tree in the front yard, Earth Day is the day to make it happen!

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Promise to do Better

Let’s be honest, there is something we can all do to help out planet Earth. Whether you want to make a point to walk instead of ride, or recycle more, set aside some time this Friday to sit down with the family and set Earth-friendly goals.

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