101 On How To Be Creative

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Do you ever feel like your imagination is in a rut? Is there a tricky situation ahead of you that could use some outside-the-box thinking to solve? Maybe you just want to express yourself with the arts, but need to get those creative energies flowing first. If you want to see the world with a more imaginative perspective, try these tips to feed your creative side.

Ditch the Distractions

Sometimes your imagination needs a little peace and quiet in order to speak up, and it can be hard to think creatively if there’s a constant flow of news feeds, videos, and other media pouring in from your phone or computer. Give yourself time to unplug and daydream. With that idle time, you might be able to form new ideas, and you might be surprised by where your mind chooses to wander now that you have freed up that mental space from digital distractions.

Step Outside

Yes, it’s been a hot summer, but as we ease toward autumn, it might be a little easier to spend some more time outside. Sipping your morning coffee on the patio is a great way to take in some fresh air as you start your day, while an afternoon walk allows you to think up ideas and solutions while you’re away from your desk and can think more abstractly. Research also suggests that physical activity can bring more oxygen to the brain and promote clarity as well as creative thinking.

Try Something New

Stepping outside your comfort zone and experiencing something new is a great way to see the world with a fresh perspective. You could start by trying a new recipe for a dish you haven’t had before, or with ingredients that you’re not so familiar with. The new aromas and flavors can stimulate the imagination, and there’s plenty of room to improvise and make the dish your own. Learning a new language is also a great way to expand your imagination, as you’ll see how other languages may phrase and compartmentalize things completely differently than you’re used to. Picking up a new language also allows you to communicate with more people from different walks of life and gain new insights.

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