10 Funny Kids Books You’ll Love

Shot of a little girl reading a book at home

Reading is a great way to help a child learn, and laughter is the best medicine, so check out these fan-favorite funny kids’ books, according to Harper Collins Publishers. Reading can also prepare your child for school, so why not make it fun by picking a book that excites them and sparks their imagination? No matter if you and your child are snuggled up together after dinner, or they are reading to you while you drive, spending time together doing what they enjoy can be rewarding for both of you. So dive into a new story that will make your child laugh.

10 Funny Kids Books

  1. The Red Jacket – This book is about Bob the Seagulls, who has a red that makes him feel cool and swanky. His cool red jacket makes the other seagulls notice and befriends him, but when a wave takes his jacket away, will he still be cool enough to keep his new friends? Follow along with this hilarious book with great artwork that teaches a lesson about confidence and “fitting in.”
  2. The Storytellers Rule – When a young girl experiences a creative block, a group of humorous writing supplies helps her overcome the block to finish her story.
  3. Mr. S – Kindergarten class arrives for their first day of school to find their teacher missing, a yummy sandwich on the teacher’s desk, and the words “Mr. S” written on the chalkboard. As they set out to find their teacher, chaos ensues as these children try to decide what to do next.
  4. A Spoonful of Frogs – As a witch prepares their favorite treat, they struggle to get the most essential ingredient — FROGS — into the cauldron.
  5. The Good Egg – This funny and inspiring story helps teach the importance of self-care, balance, and accepting those we love, even if they are rotten.
  6. Sheep in a Jeep – A flock of sheep enjoys a drive in their sturdy red jeep, but will their outing be a success, read along and find out what the sheep have to do to enjoy their day out.
  7. Got Your Nose – When Grandpa Max visits Becky, he pulls his favorite prank and accidentally takes her nose right off her face. Now Becky and Grandpa Max must chase Becky’s nose across town.
  8. Hey Otter! Hey Beaver! – Best friends work together while enjoying their two favorite things water and building dams. This funny book teaches about friendship, cooperation, and competition.
  9. Stop That Pickle – A pickle escapes from a deli, and chaos ensues. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and toasted almonds join the chase to get the pickle back to the deli.
  10. Detective Mole – A mole trades in his chef’s apron for a detective’s trench coat and sets out to solve his first case.

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Start Reading Today

A great way to encourage your child to read is to get a library card and get them involved at the local library. You can also grab the keys to your vehicle, head to the local bookstore, and pick out a book together. Hearing your child laugh can cure almost anything, so find a book they enjoy at their reading level and prepare to giggle right along with them. You both can enjoy moments of belly laughter while they learn new words and get ready to tackle the world one funny book at a time.

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