How To Welcome Your New Neighbor

Neighbors talk and eat around a table at a block party

Do you remember when you were the new neighbor on the block? You bought a house you loved, but it was a little nerve racking moving to a new area with new faces. If you want to make your new neighbors feel welcome, you can do far more than bake them a pie, so check out these ways to meet and welcoming the new family down the street.

Welcome to the Neighborhood Card

Handwritten notes are not old fashioned or outdated! Download a greeting card of your choice, introduce yourself through words, and slip it on their porch or leave it in the mailbox. When you sign the card, be sure to tell your new neighbor what your house number is, as well as leave your cell-phone number if you are comfortable.

Share Your Local Favorites

If they are new on the block, or even to the city, they may not know the best ice cream parlor, Mexican cuisine spot, or nearest book store. Download and print this welcome list and fill in your favorite spots, from sights to see, places to eat, and your favorite community gatherings.

Goodies for Their Furry Friend

Have you heard a bark or noticed them walking their dog? Their pup or kitten needs to be welcomed as well, and what better way to do so than with a goodie bag full of treats? Whether you have a homemade, pet-friendly treat your pup loves, or you want to buy them at the store, make sure Fido feels welcomed to his or her new street. Make sure you include the ingredient contents for the purpose of allergies.

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Help Them Meet the Crew

Are you close to the other neighbors? It’s time to arrange a meet and greet with your neighborly friends so the new family can meet everyone on the street. Whether you want to schedule a potluck block party, have friends over for dinner, meet up at the park, or offer to help them get their house settled, there are plenty of fun ways to break the ice!

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