Upgrade Your Pumpkin Carving With These Pro Tips

Happy family preparing for Halloween. Grandmother and granddaughter carving pumpkins at home.

Have you ever wanted to carve a pumpkin that looks like the professionally carved ones you see online? Well, you can. These professional tips will help you accomplish that goal. When finished, your pumpkin will look so incredible that people may not believe you carved it.

You Don’t Need Fancy Tools

You can create an amazing carved pumpkin using a simple and expensive kit. You’ll find this at hobby stores, craft stores, and family stores. However, if you don’t want to spend any money on your creation, use a utility knife or a paring knife. For special effects, you can use an assortment of gadgets you probably have on hand. These include a melon baller, lemon zester, scrubber sponge, and even old jewelry. For instance, if you want to give your pumpkin eyes but without carving them out, use beads from a necklace or a broach instead.

Look for Unique Pumpkins

Don’t act like Charlie Brown, who needed to find a perfectly round pumpkin. Rather, visit a pumpkin patch and opt for something with character. Pumpkins of different sizes and colors, as well as those with odd shapes, tend to work the best. They’ll make your creation stand out in a good way.

Open the Pumpkin Correctly

You may not know this, but when carving a pumpkin, open it from the bottom instead of the top. For one thing, this will make it easier to pull the seeds and strings. For another, it’ll keep the top intact. That will make your carved pumpkin look even better. Before you begin carving, be sure to carefully wipe out the interior.

Scoop It All Out

Perhaps the most annoying part of preparing a pumpkin to carve is removing all those slimy seeds and strings. However, if you want an amazing carved creation, this is an important step. Once you get that out and wipe off the interior, you’ll use a large metal spoon to scoop out the pump. The goal is to make the walls roughly one inch thick. The reason for this step is so you can easily poke embellishments through from the outside.

Choose a Design and Trace It

Here’s another great tip for professional pumpkin carving. Buy sewing transfer paper and a pattern or design you like. You can find designs at most hobby and craft stores or, if preferred, make one. First, wipe off and dry the outside of the pumpkin. Then, attach the corners and sides of the design to the paper using tape. You’ll then place the transfer paper between the pumpkin and the design, followed by tracing the pattern using a ballpoint pen with a fine tip.

Take Your Time

The most common mistake that people make when carving a pumpkin is they rush through the process. Remember, you’re not in a hurry. So, use slow, steady movements when carving, as well as poking embellishments through the outer core.

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Make It a Family Affair

Pumpkin carving is something you can do with your kids. Even if the design doesn’t come out perfectly, they’ll remember the experience.

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