Tips For Hiking In The Fall

Tips For Hiking In The Fall

Tips For Hiking In The Fall


Hiking and the fall season just go hand-in-hand. As you hike the trails in autumn, you will feel something special about the experience. There is a calm serenity as you wander through the trails amongst trees with vibrant colored leaves. The air is cool and crisp. It can truly be a good time, but you can make sure that it is a wonderful trip by following these tips from Advnture.

Plan Your Trips Around Peak Foliage Change

When you hike in the fall, you are not just taking advantage of the weather but the views too. Yes, spring and summer are beautiful in their own way, but there is something special about hiking in the fall with the leaves changing. If you do not get to hike regularly, then you may want to make the most of your hike by planning your hiking trip when there is peak foliage. Do some research to learn when the best time is to go.

Be Aware of Hunters

While hunting spots and hiking trails should be clearly marked, you can lose track of space when walking in the woods. For this reason, watch out for hunters when you are hiking in the fall. Opt to wear brightly colored clothing like an orange hat or vest, so hunters can see you and distinguish your movements from that of a deer.

Take Into Account the Time Change

You may want to go for a long afternoon hike. Remember, however, with the time change and Day Light Savings ending, the sun sets sooner. You could find yourself quickly in the dark on the trail if you haven’t thought it through. Plan your trip by leaving later in the morning or make sure to turn back around on the trail before dusk. If you miscalculate or tend to get caught in the moment, then you may want to carry a flashlight or headlamp in your sack.

Wear Layers

Whether you are hiking in the early morning, late afternoon, or even in the later part of the autumn season, the air can be a bit frigid. It is wise to wear or pack layers for your hike. If you get warm, then you can always stow a layer or two in your backpack, but it is better to have the layers and shedding them than not having them as an option at all. Be certain to also keep your hands, feet, and head warm with gloves, thick socks, and a beanie.

Prepare for Snow

While everyone expects temperatures to drop during the fall season, you may not think about snow. If you are hiking around Queensbury and other places in New York State, then there can be snow on your hikes, especially at higher elevations. Make sure you are ready for the snow by having layers as was noted above as well as having appropriate footwear like winter traction devices.

Stay Hydrated

Even though it may not be hot outside, you are still burning energy and sweating when you hike. It is very important that you stay hydrated for your hike. Make to drink a glass or two of water before you start down the trail. You will also want to carry a bottle of water with you for the trip. Do not feel like you have to take big gulps or down the entire bottle. Just make sure to take sips throughout the hike. As mentioned before, it can get cold fast as you hike this area of New York; so along with a bottle of water, you may want a hiking flask filled with something to warm you up such as apple cider or cocoa.

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Hit the Trail Today

It does not matter if you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner. There is no better time than autumn to hike the trails. Grab your gear and adhere to the tips mentioned above. You will be in for a truly unforgettable experience as you immerse yourself in nature with the rustic beauty of vistas filled with warm colors of fall leaves. What are you waiting for? Hit the trail today!


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