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Start Your Garden Early With These “Cool Season” Veggies

Young farmer with crate full of vegetables
If you've been thinking about starting a garden this year and you aren't quite sure what to grow, this guide to growing "cool-season" vegetables may help. What are Cool Season Vegetables? Cool-season vegetables can thrive during the cooler weeks at the very beginning of spring and fall. They're the first veggies you... [read more]

Overflow Your Garden With These Autumn-Approved Blooms

Fall pumpkins and flowers
Spring isn’t the only time of year to get excited about gardening. Fall gardening has many delightful attributes and plants. For one, the fall is a lot cooler so the garden doesn’t need as much tending to as in the spring months.  Planting some fall-blooming annuals and perennials is an exciting idea to... [read more]