Student Driver – What To Look For In Vehicles For New Drivers

Mother and daughter embracing buying a car in a car dealership

Kids grow up too fast! One day you are helping them take their first steps, then the next you are dropping them off at kindergarten. Before you know it, they are starting high school, going on their first date, and of course, learning how to drive. When the time comes for your not-so-little guy or girl to get behind the wheel, consider these key components when purchasing their first car.


As a parent, of course, your top concern is safety. To ensure your new driver is safe out on the road, look for safety features like side curtain airbags, blind-spot monitoring, backup cameras, and electronic stability control. These safety features will ensure other vehicles out on the road don’t go unnoticed, keep the vehicle safe during rainy, slippery conditions, and keep your teen safe from every angle if he or she were to be in an automobile accident.


For a young driver, the bigger the better. If they were to be in an accident, they will be safer in a large vehicle like an SUV or truck. While smaller cars like sedans have a smaller price tag, you may decide it is worth the investment to put your new driver in a bigger vehicle. Consider a pre-owned option from Della Auto Group.


Finally! No more early mornings in the school carpool, drop-offs at soccer practice, or driving around town to take your kid to social events. They can finally drive themselves, so don’t invest in a vehicle that is going to spend more time in the shop than on the road. If you are considering buying a pre-owned vehicle, browse your options by also looking into Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. These cars are simply like new.

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Budgeting and Insurance

When buying a car, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to budgeting, including the need for financing, leasing versus buying, and choosing between a new or pre-owned model. Will your teenager be able to contribute to the cost of gas and insurance? Sit down to talk about who will be contributing to each component of being a vehicle owner.

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