Start A Windowsill Herb Garden

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Both novice and veteran gardeners can benefit from a windowsill garden. It’s a great way to keep growing throughout the year, even when the weather is too cold. In addition, you might not have any space outdoors to grow a larger garden. And even a few herbs in small pots can brighten your room and your meals. Start a windowsill herb garden quickly with these tips.

Choose the Best Spot

For the best chance at success, you’ll want to choose the window with the best light. In fact, south and southwest-facing windows work best for your budding garden. If you don’t have enough light in your chosen spot, use grow lights to help your plants succeed. Remember that if you start from seed, you’ll want to have the light source about two to three inches away. If the light source is too far, the seedlings will become leggy and may fail.

Which Herbs Will You Grow?

Many herbs are great for beginners to grow. But you don’t want to grow a bunch of things you don’t like to eat. Instead, make a list of your favorite herbs. Then, check to see which herbs grow best together. In addition, consider your skill level. Fortunately, most herbs are easy to grow. Also, decide if you will invest more time and grow from seed versus buying the plants.

Prep Your Containers

Some people buy pretty containers that match their décor. But another option is to make containers from things you already have around the house. In fact, you could even create your windowsill herb garden for free or very little money. For instance, you could cut soda bottles in half to craft pots. And often, people offer free or cheap dirt and soil online or in the neighborhood. Try joining a seed swap site or look online for giveaways to get seeds.

Set a Care Routine

Even easy-to-grow herbs need regular care. For example, you should keep an eye on the soil. If it becomes too dry, your plants will suffer and stop growing. But if you water too much, it can cause the roots to rot. In addition, containers can dry out more quickly than herbs grown in a garden plot. The heat from the sun shining through the window will also dry the soil. Finally, don’t forget to fertilize your herbs from time to time. They won’t need much, but without it, they may not grow as well.

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Time to Harvest

Great job on growing your herbs! Now, it’s time to harvest them. You can snip pieces off many herbs repeatedly in a season. Some herbs are annual and only last a year. Others will continue to grow for several years. If you don’t snip too much, you can harvest often and add bright and fresh flavor to each meal.

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