Spruce Up Any Space with These Expert Tips

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Some people have a natural flair for decorating and arranging the rooms in their homes in Queensbury, NY. However, others aren’t always sure where to start or how to work with a budget. Fortunately, there are many techniques you can use that are cost-friendly. In addition, a few simple changes can have a big impact on the look and feel of the rooms in your home. Spruce up any space in your home with these expert tips.

The Power of Patterns

Some people live in rentals and can’t make major changes to paint and structure. Others like having a basic background and changing details to get fresh looks. In fact, patterned rugs and fabrics can really change the look of a room. For example, try adding a brightly patterned rug in your living room and echoing those colors in a few throw pillows. And in the bathroom, use several frames with the same pattern to group different pieces of artwork on the walls.

Wall Mural Wow

If you’re stuck with white walls everywhere, you can break up the empty expanses with a large mural. Try using the mural in place of a headboard in your bedroom. In addition, a mural can also define a dining room or unite a living room. Of course, you’ll want to pick an accent color from your mural to bring into the room with accessories.

Dressed Up Shelves

Another way to bring prints and designs into a blank space is to add them to your bookshelves. Whether you have built-in or standalone shelves, you can try this technique. First, measure the area at the back of your shelves. Then, cut wallpaper or fabric to fit that back space to add color and life to your room. Then, arrange your books and knick-knacks on the shelves.

Accessories for Each Season

If everything always stays the same, you can quickly get bored. So, consider swapping your fabrics and accessories out with the season. For example, try light and airy fabrics and colors during the summer and richer, more comforting colors in the winter. In addition, you can also change your window treatments. During the winter, you might want to let in more light to keep the space from feeling closed in.

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Houseplants Bring Happiness

Nothing freshens and brightens a space like a houseplant. Fortunately, you can add a few houseplants without spending much money. Eventually, the plants will grow and become fuller, adding more to your shelves and tables. Also, many houseplants can improve the air quality in your home, helping you feel better while beautifying your spaces.

In addition to the tips above, you can make simple changes like swapping out throw pillows or draping colorful throws on couches or chairs. Also, creating a theme that you can bring throughout the house can help elevate every space. And don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through!

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