What To Do When Running On Empty

Car fueling at gas station

If you’re like many people in Queensbury, NY, you’ve experienced running low on gas in your vehicle. Perhaps you have even run out before. While there is no magic trick to keeping your car going in these cases, there are some strategies to use. It’s possible to get to a gas station or to your destination before your car’s tank is completely dry. Be aware of these so that the next time it happens you don’t find yourself stranded.

Know Where You Are and Where to Fill Up

It’s often when the Low Fuel Warning light comes on that people start to worry about the gas level in their vehicle. When this happens, you should have some time to get to a service station. Furthermore, in these situations, it’s best to pull over and assess where you are and where the nearest gas pump is. Plan the fastest and safest route there so that you can fill up as quickly as possible. Don’t waste time and valuable fuel by aimlessly driving around looking for fuel.

Drive Slower

You may think that you should speed up to get to the service station faster when your car is running out of gas. However, this is the wrong approach. For instance, driving at high speeds is far less fuel-efficient. In fact, driving between 35 and 45 miles per hour is ideal when you are running out of gas. Going this speed won’t be feasible if you are on the freeway. But do your best to slow down so that you can conserve fuel.

Kill the AC

Using the air conditioner puts stress on the gas. Thus, running it will cut down on your vehicle’s miles per gallon rates. When you’re nearing the empty line on the gas gauge, turn off the air conditioner. This might not sound pleasant in the heat of summer, but it could be just to get you to a gas station.

Go Downhill

Whenever possible, drive downhill when you’re running out of gas. You’ll be able to coast in these situations and use far less gas. Look for gas stations in locations at the bottom of the hill instead of at the top.

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Roll Up the Windows

If you usually drive with the windows down, roll them up when you’re running out of gas. Firstly, this reduces wind resistance on your vehicle. Secondly, this will require that your vehicle uses less fuel to keep it going.

The best way to solve these issues is to plan ahead and avoid having your tank get too low. However, if you find yourself in one of these scenarios, you now know some tricks to conserve fuel. You can also talk to the service team at DELLA Automotive Group in Queensbury, NY. Stop by today.

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