Reset From Vacation With These Tips

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With the vacation over, it’s time to reset and return to daily responsibilities with these tips from Mercy Health. Everyone needs a well-deserved break, but with reality setting back in, it’s time to rethink some habits you may have brought home. Before you head back to work, check out these tips for eating and fitness habits that will help you get back in the swing of things in no time. You probably had followed a healthy lifestyle before you went on vacation, but you may have loosened the reigns and allowed yourself to indulge on vacation. The return to daily responsibilities and work can be sluggish if you’re still in vacation mode.

Vacation Reset Tips

  1. Take Time To Decompress – While it’s important to rest your body on vacation, resetting your mind after vacation is also just as essential. Vacation is refreshing but can also be taxing mentally to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Unpack your luggage and get ready to mentally rest before burying yourself back in daily work.
  2. Make The Effort To Eat Clean – During a trip, you may find yourself splurging on some unhealthy foods, but once you’re back home, resetting your digestive system is a good idea. You may feel bloated after a trip, so you may need to consider a post-vacation detox that will eliminate the sugar and salt cravings you may have had on vacation. You can head to the local grocery store for whole and nutrient-rich foods, which include lean proteins and fresh produce.
  3. Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water; you may have been dehydrated during your vacation. Water can also help reduce inflammation and bloating; however, if you don’t like plain water’s taste, you can add flavor to the water using fresh fruit like orange slices, berries, and lemon wedges.
  4. Hide The Scale – Do NOT touch the scale when the vacation is over; give yourself a couple of days to return to healthy eating habits to lose the vacation weight you may have gained. It’s also important to note that starting a vacation reset feeling discouraged is not a good idea.
  5. Get Moving – Try returning to a normal exercise routine, but consider building back up to a typical activity level to avoid injury.

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Try These Tips During Your Next Reset

Don’t get stuck on vacation time; use these tips to help reset from vacation. You may have relaxed the entire time on vacation, but sometimes you need to rest mentally even more to recover from your trip. Getting back on track after vacation can be easy with these simple tips and tricks. So it’s time to return to daily life’s hustle and bustle with ease; consider meal prepping for your first week back and to avoid any starchy foods and carbohydrates. You may also want to consider drinking a glass of warm water with lemon when you wake.

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