Prepare Your Home For Spring

Indoor houseplants next to a window in a beautifully designed home or flat interior.

Some people look forward to spring so they can complete home projects and work in the garden. There are others who do not even know where to begin to prepare their homes for the upcoming season. If you’re in the latter group, here are some things you can do to spruce up your home. Now’s the time to prepare your home for the spring.

Start to Plan

While it’s still winter, you can begin to plan how you’ll prepare your home to sell in the spring. You still have several months before putting a “For Sale” sign in your yard; however, you don’t want to wait to make updates or changes. After all, warmer months will arrive before you know it.

Here are some things that you can do now. That way, you’ll have most projects done by the time you’re ready to meet with a realtor.

Clean the Windows and Install New Window Treatments

To start with, choose a day when it’s not bitterly cold outside to clean your windows. Even if you can only focus on the inside, you’ll have time to do the outside when the weather turns warm. In addition, throw out any broken or outdated window treatments. White or off-white two-inch mini blinds are always a great choice.

Fix Damaged Windows and Screens

Fixing windows with damage, including the screens, will go a long way in making your home more sellable. For one thing, it’ll enhance the home’s appearance from both the inside and outside. For another, it’ll lower your utility bills. When someone interested in buying your place asks about the cost of heat and gas, you can present a reasonably priced statement.

Remove Debris from the Gutters and Downspouts

As soon as you have the chance, clean out the gutters and downspouts. Especially if you didn’t have time to do it in the fall, they’ll be full of leaves and twigs. With a sturdy ladder, you can finish the task in about an hour. While this might not seem important, it is because buyers pay close attention to both gutters and downspouts.

Repair Any Damage to the Roof

Whether you do this yourself or hire someone for the job, don’t overlook any damage that requires fixing. One of the first things that homebuyers ask about properties has to do with the condition of the roof. So, you want to get ahead of the game by having problems solved before spring.

Declutter Your Home

A person doesn’t have to be a hoarder for their house to become overrun with clutter. A good rule of thumb for sellers is to create a minimalist environment. That doesn’t mean you can’t leave out photos of your family, beautiful vases, and books on the coffee table. However, make your house appear tidy, clean, and organized.

Place Potted Plants Around the House

Not only do potted plants help to purify the air, but they also make a house look homey. If you don’t have outside greenery to bring in, visit a local store and buy several different varieties. However, make sure you take good care of them. That includes cleaning the leaves so they’re healthy and shiny.

Pay Attention to Textiles

Here’s another way you can prepare your home for spring. Don’t put old comforters on the beds, ragged towels in the bathroom, or faded rugs on the floor. Instead, invest in new products. To make your home inviting, choose patterns and colors that showcase the wall colors and architectural design of the house.

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Clean and Organize Your Lawn

While you can’t mow the grass during the winter, you can cut back overgrown trees and shrubs. At the same time, you can toss out or store bicycles, toys, yard equipment, and piles of scrap lying around.

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