Plan A Picnic This Season

Picnic Basket with napkin on nature background
When the weather’s right, it’s nice to step outside and relax. Whether you’d like to head out to a park, beach, or just your own backyard, remember these tips to prepare for the perfect picnic this summer.

Pick Your Plates

Whenever you bring you meal with you, you have to pick and choose what dishware comes along, and you likely aren’t bringing your finest plates out to the park. That doesn’t mean you should settle for flimsy paper plates, either. No matter how good your meal is, you’re sure to enjoy it more if you don’t have to worry about your plate collapsing, dissolving, or spilling your food. That’s why enamel plates are a great choice for your picnic dishes, as they can hold up for the duration of your trip.

Go with Handhelds

You can minimize the amount of forks, spoons, and knives you have to bring by building your picnic menu around foods that you can eat with your hands. Sandwiches are always a perfect picnic option, as are berries and grapes, plus finger foods like wings. Corn on the cob, kebobs, and other handheld items let you leave the utensils at home, and they’re easy to prepare as well. Just remember to bring some wet wipes to make cleaning up easier, too.

Prepare for Pests

When you go outdoors, you share the environment with all kinds of creatures great and small, and sometimes it’s the small ones that cause the biggest annoyance at a picnic. Your food could very easily attract bugs, so be prepared to guard your meal against pests. Bring lids and covers for bowls and drinks, and even plastic wrap can provide a barrier between those bugs and your food. Bugs can travel pretty far once they detect food, but before you set up your picnic, inspect the area to make sure you’re not laying out your feast near an ant bed.

Get the Right Gear

What kind of coolers and containers are you bringing to your picnic? Just like those paper plates, a flimsy Styrofoam cooler might not be up to the task, and it could really spoil the fun if it broke and spilled your picnic supplies everywhere. A sturdy cooler or basket is the way to go to keep your food safe. Keep in mind that you won’t be sitting perfectly still during the entire picnic, and there might be a breeze out there, so consider bringing something to weigh down the corners of your picnic blanket. For the blanket itself, choose something that’s easy to wash.

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