Make This Mother’s Day Memorable

arranging flowers

We are a short four days away from a very special day: Mother’s Day. This is the one day out of the year that is dedicated to celebrating that special woman in your life that raised you, continually cooked and cleaned, and served you for your first 18 years. If you are a father of little ones, Mother’s Day action items usually fall on your plate. If you want to celebrate Mom memorably, keep reading for some ideas.

Make Her a Flower Arrangement

Who says you have to spend $100+ on a flower arrangement to make your mother feel special? Instead, head to a local store to pick up an assortment of flowers or scope out your backyard for some fresh blooms. Grab a vase around the house and channel your inner florist to arrange the flowers. If you prefer to spend time together on Mother’s Day, rather than hand over a gift, plan to arrange flowers with your Mom on Sunday.

Serve Brunch

All women love brunch! They can have a slow morning without having to miss out on everyone’s favorite meal of the day: breakfast. Fill the menu with your mom’s favorites, whether that’s pancakes, waffles, egg casserole, fruit, muffins, or other delicious items. Go a step farther on this holiday and set the table instead of grabbing your plate and eating in front of the television. Use a fancy table cloth, feminine dishes and glasses, and arrange flowers for the centerpieces.

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Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Moms are always looking for ways to wind down, and one of the best ways to feel relaxed is running a bath. Bath bombs are a treat, but they sure add up. Instead of rushing to the store and buying your mom overpriced bath bombs, why not take the time to make them together? Making products like these at home is always smart because you can control what ingredients go into them. Check out these directions for making DIY Lemon Bath Bombs.

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