Keep These Items Handy During Baseball Season

Baseball bat, glove and balls on synthetic ground in a sunny morning.

With a child who plays baseball, you know firsthand that it’s common for things to get hectic. That includes canceled games, changed schedules, extra innings, and tournaments that often last all weekend. As a parent, you can keep these things on hand to make the baseball season more enjoyable.

Seat Cushions

When it comes to bleachers, there’s no such thing as comfortable seats. Regardless of the venue where your child plays, the seats are all hard and difficult to sit on. Not only that but they usually don’t provide any back support. So, you feel sore at the end of each game.

For that reason, it’s worth investing in cushioned seats. You’ll discover multiple styles, colors, and features. For comfort, choose a seat cushion with adjustable positions, at least an inch of foam padding, and a shoulder strap.


This isn’t the type of tent used for camping but one that protects people from the sun, wind, and rain. You and the rest of your family can watch your child play without battling the elements. However, you could also buy a tent for the team to use for parks without covered dugouts.

Cooling Towels

You’ll need this, considering that people play baseball during the hottest time of the summer. Although you could buy one for yourself, it’s an even better thing to have on hand for your child. After all, they run the bases, swing the bat, and sprint to catch baseballs.

Folding Wagon

After using a folding wagon for a single game, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one a long time ago. Thanks to an innovative design, this type of wagon quickly expands and folds. You can use it to haul things like beverages, snacks, and sporting equipment from your vehicle to the baseball field. When collapsed, it stores easily in small spaces.

A Mister

This is another great way to stay cool during baseball season. You can find several kinds of misters. However, the most popular product consists of a spray bottle and battery-operated fan. You start by spritzing water on your face or the face of the players. Afterward, turn the fan on. Combined, they help prevent overheating.

Quality Water Bottles

Don’t bring regular water bottles to baseball games. Instead, invest in insulated containers. Not only do these keep beverages ice cold, but they’re also leak-proof. Especially during the hot baseball season, you and your child need to stay hydrated. Swell and Under Armor remain two of the top brands.

Ice Cooler

In addition, buy an ice cooler with a pull handle and sturdy wheels. Make sure you purchase one large enough to hold water or energy drinks and even perishable food items. During tournaments, you won’t have time to run home to fix lunch and bring it back to the field.

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Large Tote Bag

Beyond food, beverages, and sporting equipment, you’ll need to take other items to your child’s baseball games. If you have a baby or toddler, that’ll include diapers, bottles, outfit changes, wipes, and toys. However, you can also use a large tote for sunscreen, a phone charger. Or, even to carry books for you to read in between your child’s baseball games.

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