Ideas For Hosting The Best Graduation Party

decoration of a party table for graduation

Summertime is the time of warm weather and graduations. With all the young adults graduating high school and college, it can be tough to plan an entire graduation party. Although, it’s not as hard as you think it is. Everything you need to host a graduation party is here. From party décor to supplies, food ideas, outdoor parties and so much more, there are so many great ways to celebrate their accomplishments.

Themed Table and Centerpieces

Themed tables and centerpieces really will bring the space together. Whether you’re outside in the sun or inside, décor is a great way to liven up the space. Having a color scheme in mind or making it graduation-themed seems appropriate.

Photo Booth

A decorated photo booth is a great way to have memories forever. Keep props on the side so that guests can get silly with the graduate. Use balloons and a backdrop to get creative with it.

Display Memories

Having memory boards is a fun way for you and your guests to remember all of the fun times you’ve spent together over the years. People love hunting for photos of them with the grad.

Words of Wisdom

Have a word of wisdom jar for guests to leave suggestions and advice for the new graduate to take along with them through life. This one is super cost-efficient!

Donut Board

Have a donut board as a fun dessert table. It will be delicious, cute, and trendy.

Polaroid and Guest Book

Polaroid photos have come back into style, and they are new and improved. Have a set-up of your polaroid camera for guests to take fun photos. Putting the camera next to the guest book is a great place so that everyone can sign their name and take a photo. You can also do this with disposable cameras for a retro photo.

Graduation Card Box

A graduation card box is always a great idea!  You could use an old box and DIY decorate it how you’d like, or you can use an item that is fun and quirky to hold the cards like a vintage suitcase or wooden box.

Chalkboard Sign

You’ll probably be using signs one way or another for food, and drinks and to direct people where to go. Using a chalkboard sign is a fun way to give directions to your party guests and create the celebratory atmosphere everyone loves.

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Balloon Garland

A balloon garland is a great way to decorate your space for the upcoming graduation party. They offer a great backdrop for photos, and you can arrange them indoors or outdoors depending on where you plan on having the party. You can even make them go with a color scheme.

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