Have Some Fall Fun With Fido

Cheerful young African American man cuddling with his Rhodesian Ridgeback dog on autumn day in the park.

Fall is an awesome time of the year. Not only do people love it but also dogs. During the summer, many pets don’t do well outside for long periods. In the winter, the snow often proves challenging. However, the fall, with cool weather, creates a perfect opportunity to have fun with your furry friend. Here are some ways to do that.

Canine Photo Shoot

Depending on what you want, you can do a photo shoot with just your dog or one that includes you. Because the leaves transform into beautiful yellow, orange, and red colors, they make a perfect backdrop. The key is to find a place without a lot of activity. That way, you can let your pooch run and play void of distractions, which makes for great photos.

To make the photo shoot even more special, consider wrapping a holiday-themed bandana around your pup’s neck. In addition, you could do a more formal photo shoot by having Fido sit or lie down around different colored pumpkins.

Farmer’s Market

Regardless of where you live, there’s likely a farmer’s market nearby. Especially in the fall, this is a great time to take your dog on a leash to buy fresh produce. Often, you can also pick up home-baked goodies or grab a cup of hot apple cider while looking around. Just remember, you might need to share your pumpkin donut with your furry friend.

Make Dog Cookies

A lot of people bake up a storm in the fall. If you’re one of those, make dog cookies while creating a batch for yourself. Along with an abundance of treat recipes online, you can purchase molds in the shapes of bones or paw prints. That way, you and Fido can both sit down to enjoy a cookie.

Some of the best cookies include oats and pumpkin, two foods that pups love. However, this is just one option. Most importantly, choose the ingredients carefully, as some things can make dogs sick.

Rake Leaves and Jump

Humans aren’t the only ones who love to jump into piles of leaves. Once you have enough dry leaves on the ground, rake them into a pile. Then, start a game with your dog of jumping into it. In no time, your pup will catch on and then refuse to stop.

Halloween Costume Contest

Canine Halloween costume events are more popular than ever. After all, most people think of their dogs more as children. So, check to see if there’s a contest where you live. If so, come up with a creative outfit that’ll win the judges over.

Apple Orchard

There’s something magical about visiting an apple orchard in the fall with your four-legged buddy. Not only does this provide him with some outdoor exercise, but it also gives you the chance to bring delicious apples home. You can then use some of what you picked to make human and dog cookies.

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Go Hiking

You won’t need to convince Fido to join you on a hike. As with farmer’s markets, it’s not hard to find parks with trails for people and dogs. For this activity, remember to follow all the rules and bring water and snacks for your pooch. While you want to have fun, it’s also important to keep your pup safe.

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