How To Be A Good Guest When You Go Out For Dinner

Sharing food

Sharing food

An evening out for dinner or a lunch date at a restaurant in Queensbury, NY, is a fun way to spend some time. When you go to an establishment, you have high expectations for quality food and good service. However, the restaurant will have expectations for you too. There is a certain etiquette and rules you need to follow no matter where you go. If you stick to these, you’ll be an impressive customer. Plus, if you ever go back to eat there, servers and other employees will remember you.

Arrive on Time

Some higher-end restaurants accept reservations for parties of all sizes. It’s crucial that you stick to your reservation time. Remember, the restaurant has many more people to accommodate than just you. If you’re late, it could be a big inconvenience for the servers. Furthermore, it’s courteous to call the establishment and let someone know if you’re running late. If this is going to happen, it also might be smart to have someone else in your party get there before you if possible.

Be a Good Tipper

Any dine-in restaurant with servers expects you to tip. This standard is hardly new and shouldn’t be surprising. Moreover, servers rely on your tips as part of their regular pay. Don’t shortchange the staff by hogging your money. For example, aim to tip at 15 percent to 18 percent. Unless there are unusual circumstances about your meal and experience, you should always tip.

Wrangle Your Rowdy Kids

Some restaurants are more kid-friendly than others. However, no matter where you eat out, keep a close eye on unruly kids. You’re in a public place where other customers are going to enjoy time to eat and converse. If your kids are running up and down the aisles and making a lot of noise, it can be disruptive. If you aren’t able to control such behavior, it might be best to leave the kids at home.

Put the Phone Away

Additionally, it’s no secret that most people can’t live without phones today. Everyone uses a phone for talking, texting, social media, and internet browsing. It’s not typically disruptive to use your phone for the last three of these items. However, if you need to talk, it’s better to go outside or somewhere away from other customers. No one needs to hear you talking loudly on your phone or having private conversations.

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Be Polite When Tracking Down Your Server

During your meal, you may need to get your server’s attention. For example, you may need to refill your drink or get more utensils. But be courteous when you call to your server. Don’t whistle or snap your fingers. Don’t raise your voice. Be kind and treat the person respectfully.

Keeping these rules in mind will help you to have a good eating-out experience. You’ll always make a name for yourself as a good customer.

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