Get Ready For Father’s Day With These 10 Crafts

Working at home father holding father's day card and gift

Getting the kids involved in a Father’s Day DIY craft project is challenging. Little ones love to craft, but many craft ideas are complex. With a little searching, find things that any age can make. Help your kids make fun and meaningful gifts for dad. Check out these 10 Father’s Day crafts that he’ll undoubtedly treasure.

1.      #1 Dad Trophies

You’ll need card stock, some yellow acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and a few small paper drink cups to make this trophy. You’ll also need a hot glue gun and a permanent marker. Have the kids paint a small square of cardstock or cardboard and a paper cup. The adult can hot glue the cup to the board. If you have a yellow or gold pipe cleaner, you can glue it to the seam. Then you or your child can write #1 Dad on the trophy.

2.      Tin Can Pencil Holder

The beauty of this craft is that you can easily make it with scraps found around the home. After use, wash out a tin can and carefully file down any sharp points. Cut a piece of paper to fit around the can, and have your child decorate it. You can hot glue the paper in place or secure it with tape. If you have scrap lace, you can glue that around the top edge.

3.      Fingerprint Heart Magnets

You’ll need extra-large glass gems, fingerprint ink pads, a fine tip permanent marker, and small magnets. Also, you’ll want some white cardstock, scissors, and clear drying glue. Have the little ones press their thumbs in the shape of a heart on the cardstock, or they can do a single thumbprint and use the marker to turn it into a little chick or another animal. Cut the design out and use clear glue to stick it onto the glass. When dry, add the magnet.

4.      Salt Dough Handprint Bowl

Kids will love every step of this craft, from mixing the salt dough to shaping it into a hand and painting it. First, have them help you mix up a simple salt dough recipe with salt, flour, and water. Roll the dough out and have them press their hand into it. Cut around the handprint and bake in an oven-safe bowl so the handprint will be bowl-shaped. When cool, let your kid paint it. Finally, when the paint is dry, use mod podge to seal it.

5.      Fish Handprint Card

Make a memorable Dad’s Day card with construction paper or thin colored cardstock. Have kids trace their hands onto cardstock and cut it out. Fold a sheet in half, and on the front, you’ll cut a blue piece to look like water. Then position the handprint in the water and attach a string to look like a fish caught on a fishing pole. Add a cute face to the “fish” and write a sweet message inside.

6.      My Dad Rocks

With some paints and a few palm-sized, smooth rocks, your kid can decorate and paint the cutest paperweights any desk ever saw. Acrylic paint works great, and your child can either paint a message or use a paint pen to write “My Dad Rocks.”

7.      Necktie With a Twist

Neckties are a traditional gift, but your kids can craft this gift with a twist. Help them draw a necktie shape on heavy drawing paper, then let them paint or color it. They can also cut colored pieces of paper in the tie’s shape. Then use a lighter color for stripes, and have kids write a message on the lighter stripes. Frame it for instant and adorable art.

8.      Framed on Father’s Day

There are usually craft frames available at the local craft store. Kids can decorate with found objects, beads, or stones. Or, you could have your child decorate the large-sized flat craft sticks, then help them glue them together. Finally, add a cute photo to finish it.

9.      Fingerprint Poster

Get a heavy piece of poster or cardstock, and use poster letters to spell out a special message. Around the letters, have your child get messy. They can use their thumb or fingerprints to dot paint around the letters. Take the letters off once it’s dry for a precious work of art.

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10. Galaxy Handprint Art

Grab a few small spritzer bottles, and fill them with spacey paint. Then trace and cut out the child’s handprint and place it in the center of a black sheet of paper. Next, spray the galaxy paint colors around the handprint. When dry, remove the handprint and write a special message in the space.

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