Fun Snowman Ideas To Try This Winter

Upside down snowman in boots

If it snows where you live, you can bet the kids will want to get outside as soon as there’s fresh powder on the ground. However, playing in the snow is fun for adults too. You can all build a snowman. However, instead of making something ordinary, consider some of these creative ideas.

The Hitchhiker Snowman

Especially if you live on a relatively busy street or near a highway, why not make a hitchhiker snowman? For this, dress him in a worn flannel shirt and a pair of ragged jeans. Next, place a hat on his head. In addition, use twigs to make a mustache and arms. For the finishing touch, have the snowman hold a sign that reads “Florida Bound.”

The Upside-Down Snowman

Instead of building a snowman standing upright, build one that’s upside down. Everyone who sees it will get a good laugh. However, you can make him even funnier by using doll or mannequin legs that stick straight up in the air.

The Busy Executive Snowman

For this, all you’ll need is a black tie or scarf and a top hat. Then, position his hands so that you can place a non-working cell phone to make it appear he’s reading important text messages.

The Neighborly Snowman

The goal is to make a snowman that looks like someone who might live next door. Rather than standing, you’ll want him to sit on a chair or bench. Then, make the legs so they’re crossed. To complete him, slip a pair of rubber boots on his “feet.”

The Sports Fan Snowman

If you have a favorite hockey or football team, dress the snowman in a team’s jersey. Complete him by adding gloves and a beanie that matches the team’s primary color.

Rock Band Snowmen

You can find inexpensive guitars at most thrift stores. In this case, you and the rest of the family will need to make three to four snowmen. Just be sure they’re different sizes. Put different cool hats on each of them. Then, carefully build the arms around the instruments as though they’re playing them.

Go Big or Go Home

The great thing about building a snowman is that there aren’t any height restrictions. Although you’ll need a tall stepstool or ladder, a six-foot man of snow in your yard is bound to get a lot of attention.

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The Little Old Lady

No rule that says a snowman can’t be female. So, rather than dressing it up as a man, place several necklaces around her neck, a flowery scarf, and a pink-brimmed hat with a faux flower. As a nice touch, use red food coloring to make her lips red and tiny black pieces of wood for her eyelashes.

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