Finish Your Spring Cleaning In 30 Days With This Checklist

Woman holding cardboard donation box full with folded clothes.

“Where do I even begin?” is often the mindset everyone sinks in when spring rolls around and it’s time to deep clean and organize. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a headache. Decluttering is often a soothing and calming task so that your space makes you feel Zen again. With this 30-day spring-cleaning checklist, you’ll be able to keep moving from room to room each day, working in one space at a time. Making a little time each day will make a big project seem manageable.

What You Need

Before you get started with your 30 days of spring cleaning, you’ll need a few things to prepare. You’ll need three boxes. One box will be for donating or consignment. If there are any items that don’t fit in the boxes, keep a list of the items nearby. Box two will be your repair box. While you’re organizing and decluttering, you’ll inevitably come across something in need of fixing. Place these items in the box until you have time to fix them. The third box will be your “put-away” box. Maybe you’re decluttering a drawer, or the kids left a toy out or you left a pair of earrings in the kitchen. You can temporarily place these items in the put-away box and put everything back where it belongs.

Day 1

Day one is easy. Just dust around your home. Chairs, tables, fan blades, window shades, and even books can be dusted.

Day 2

Today you will take inventory of your clothing. If the weather has changed, switch out your seasonal items. Wash anything before you store it. Sort any boxes you have under your bed. Remove any mismatched socks. Go through your wardrobe and donate anything you haven’t worn in a year.

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Day 3

You’ll be cleaning out your medicine cabinet on this day. Toss any expired medication and look up local regulations on proper disposal. Keep emergency supplies accessible and organized. Re-organize your linen closet by re-folding towels and sheets. Don’t worry, the rest of the 30-day spring cleaning guide is here.

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