Everything You Need To Know About Buttercream Frosting

Mixer beating yellow cake icing

Mixer beating yellow cake icing

There’s nothing like a homemade buttercream frosting to glide across the tops of cupcakes or fill in between two layers of cake. The best part is that this homemade topping tastes way better than the store-bought icings, and it is so simple to make! Although, there are many variations of buttercream. Some are meringue-based, while some are light and fluffy and others could be heavier. Check out this guide to buttercream frostings! No matter what kind you choose to make, there is one that will perfectly pair with your yummy treat.

Swiss Buttercream

This vanilla Swiss buttercream frosting has a meringue base that may take more time to concoct, but it will make your taste buds dance. Making the meringue is the part that takes the longest because you’ll want to beat your egg whites until they form stiff peaks. This is one of the easiest egg-based recipes that work great for piped decorations. It is also a denser icing that is less stable than others.

Italian Buttercream

This buttercream recipe is also meringue-based. Italian buttercream uses corn syrup instead of sugar, just like the Swiss recipe. This buttercream frosting is lighter and fluffier than the Swiss buttercream. This recipe is easiest to make with a standing mixture.

French Buttercream

White chocolate French buttercream icing sounds delicious, doesn’t it? French buttercream is made using the same technique as the Italians, except the French use the egg yolks as well as the whites. This will make your frosting richer and creamier with a yellow tint.

American Buttercream

Lemon buttercream is an American classic. This recipe is very simple, some even argue that it isn’t buttercream at all, but you can make your mind up on that yourself. All this recipe requires is softened butter, confectioners’ sugar, and flavorings. Although it is simple, it sure beats store-bought.

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Flour Buttercream

Flour-based vanilla buttercream frosting is different than all of the previous. The recipe starts with a roux with a thick, pudding consistency. This frosting isn’t too sweet but just right with a light and fluffy texture. Make sure you make this one ahead of time!

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