Eat Fresh With The Glens Falls Indoor Farmers’ Market

vegetable at a farmers market

There’s no denying that food with fresh ingredients tastes better than when made with processed ingredients. For the biggest selection, nothing beats going to a farmers’ market. Head to the Glens Falls indoor farmers’ market when you’re ready to buy things to cook with. You’ll find whatever you need and feel comfortable while shopping.

The Backstory

For more than 40 years, people have benefitted from the efforts of the Glens Falls Farmers’ Market Association. After all, it founded the market in 1976 as a way to bring people not only produce grown locally but also a variety of craft items. As a “producer-only” market, everything you buy comes from the person who grew or produced it.

When and Where

The Glens Falls indoor farmers’ market will open for business this season on March 11. You can take advantage of the incredible finds anytime from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Head to the Aviation Mall. It’s located in Queensbury, New York, at 578 Aviation Road.

Supporting the Community

Buying fruits, vegetables, spices, and other items at the Glens Falls indoor farmers’ market is one way to support the Queensbury community. However, you can do other things to show your support. Here are just a few options.


If you can’t go to the market or live in another city or state, you can still help by donating. For example, if you make craft products, you could offer those to the association. However, if you live in or near Queensbury and you grow vegetables, fruits, or flowers, the organization would gladly accept anything you offer.


Everyone connected to this farmers’ market works on a volunteer basis. Especially during the busiest part of the season, the Glens Falls Farmers’ Market Association welcomes people willing to help. Based on your experience and its needs, that could entail PR work, taking surveys, cleaning, or community education.

Fit and Healthy

Along with a wide assortment of locally grown food, the association invites fitness and health businesses to set up a table. These businesses hand out samples, give demonstrations, have giveaways, and invite people to sign up for free raffles. They’re not there to sell anything but to help people become and stay fit and healthy.

Nonprofit Organizations

Different nonprofit organizations attend the Glens Falls indoor farmers’ market once a month. While they don’t give away things or have free raffles, they provide support and knowledge.

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Tremendous Benefits

The obvious benefit is that you can buy all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and craft products. However, this is also a great way to spend quality time with your kids, spouse, friend, or family member. It’s fun for everyone. Even smaller children love going to the Glens Falls farmers’ market, and since it’s indoors, you don’t have to worry about the heat.

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