Don’t Throw Out That Wrapping Paper

Empty gift wrapping under the tree on Christmas morning. A plate of cookie crumbs and an empty milk glass after a night visit from Santa Claus. Santa delivered gifts under the Christmas tree.

Like a lot of other people, you probably set a large garbage bag in the family room for all the wrapping paper that your family rips off presents. This year, do something different. Save the wrapping paper so that you can use it for a variety of other projects. Here are some great ideas.

Shelf or Drawer Liner

If you want to line kitchen or bathroom cabinets or drawers, use the Christmas wrapping paper that’s typically thrown away. Especially if there’s thick paper, it works great. Simply flatten it out, cut a piece to size, and then slide it in place. You can even put a small dot of glue in each corner to ensure it never slides around.

Pyramid Pouches

These paper pouches are ideal for storing small jewelry pieces like earrings and rings. They’re easy to make and fit nicely inside dresser drawers. However, you can use pyramid pouches when traveling too. You can easily find a tutorial online.

Origami Gift Boxes

Not only is origami fun to make, but it’s also useful. Using some of the Christmas wrapping paper, you can make adorable gift boxes. These are perfect as miniature boxes for wedding favors or even birthday gifts. In addition, origami gift boxes are something that even your kids would enjoy making.

Napkin Pockets

The great thing about this idea of using wrapping paper is that you can use the napkin pockets any time of the year. As an example, if you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, choose a solid-colored paper. No one will know they’re pulling eating utensils out of paper taken off packages from under your tree.

Holiday Decorations

Instead of spending a lot of money on decorations from a local store, you can make them out of wrapping paper. First, this is an excellent way to make beautiful ornaments to hang next year. Second, you can roll the paper to create a “Christmas tree.” The possibilities are almost endless.


Whether you use placements during the holiday or for everyday family meals, wrapping paper is a great material to use. Again, choose relatively thick paper for this project. Depending on the way you use placements, wrapping paper looks great alone or you can embellish it with themed items.

Plate or Tray Liners

Rather than set cookies, pastries, or other goodies out on regular plates or trays, first line the bottom with wrapping paper. During the holidays, this is an amazing way to make your home look and feel more festive. When done, you can simply toss the paper in the trash.

Packing Material

Are you getting ready to move? If so, don’t buy traditional packing material. Instead, shred some of the wrapping paper that you saved. That’ll save you a bundle of money, and it’s so easy.

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Beautiful Bows

With wrapping paper, you can also make beautiful bows to go on gifts. Depending on the colors of paper you have, that includes presents for Christmas, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

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