Don’t Miss Opening Weekend At The Great Escape

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The Great Escape theme park is the ideal place to get away from everyday responsibilities and stressors. People have eagerly anticipated learning when it’ll open in 2023. Well, officials from The Great Escape finally gave the public the answer they wanted. Its opening weekend covers May 20 and 21.

A Six Flags Location

As a member of the Six Flags family, seasoned professionals oversee the operations of The Great Escape in Queensbury, NY. That way, they can ensure that guests have a great time while staying safe.

However, that also means you’ll discover countless rides. In addition to some designed specifically for younger kids, the park features thrill rides that adults love.

Multiple Rides

The full list of rides at The Great Escape is too long to mention. However, here are some of the most popular attractions in no specific order.

Adventure River

This relaxing ride is a perfect choice for both kids and adults. After receiving a raft, you’ll gently float down a “lazy river.” When with an adult, there’s no height restriction for children. However, when floating alone, the minimum height requirement is 42 inches.

Bamboo Shoots

This ride entails cascading water that pushes riders through a series of twists before they land in a pool. Even so, it’s a great attraction for kids as long as they’re a minimum of 48 inches tall.

Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna attraction provides adults with the same experience that kids have on Bamboo Shots. However, this one is far more exhilarating. After all, riders travel through swirls inside a 100-foot tunnel before they shoot out at a high rate of speed.

Canyon Blaster

While this isn’t the fastest roller coaster at The Great Escape theme park, it’s still thrilling to ride. It’s ideal for both kids and adults. However, kids should meet the height requirements.

Extreme Supernova

This attraction takes the roller coaster experience to a new level. For one thing, it’s incredibly fast. For another, it includes several loops.

Raging River

Especially if you visit The Great Escape theme park on a hot summer day, you’ll appreciate this ride. As you float down an open river, you’ll encounter “waves” that’ll leave you soaking wet.

Diverse Attractions

People love this theme park because of the rides. However, it offers a lot more. The Great Escape also provides different types of entertainment and casual, as well as not-so-casual dining. In addition, it features several gift shops, as well as merchandise stores.

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Quality Family Time

Sure, you can visit this theme park alone or with a friend. However, it’s an especially great place to visit for people with kids. If you’re a parent, you want your children to have the best summer possible. This summer, take them to The Great Escape for an incredible experience.

Overall, The Great Escape brings people together, strengthens bonds, and creates memories that last forever.

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