Don’t Go Camping Without These S’mores Recipes

Smores buffet table scene. Roasted marshmallows, crackers, chocolate and an assortment of ingredients. Top down view over a dark wood background.

S’mores are one of those desserts that often mean so much more than the sugary and chocolate flavors. Many people remember the campfire when they had their first s’more. And many kids and adults look forward to their next campout just for the chance to make more s’mores. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new once in a while. Check out these twists on the classic s’more that you’ll love taking to your next camping trip in Queensbury, NY.

Cookie Butter S’more

First, get your graham crackers ready. On one (or both), spread some cookie butter. Then, roast your marshmallow as usual until you get it to the right golden brown color. Next, slide the warm marshmallow onto the cookie butter, complete your sandwich, and enjoy.

Roasted Berries S’mores

Although this s’mores recipe takes a little more prep, you’ll find it worth it. First, roast strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries on a pan with a deseeded vanilla bean, some cardamom, and sugar. Then, bake the berry mixture for 25 minutes and cool. After that, get your marshmallows toasting and put together your s’mores. Make sure to add some of your berry sauce to the melty goodness.

Salted Caramel S’mores

Get gourmet and try this no-chocolate s’mores twist. Of course, you can make your own caramel sauce. However, it might be easier to buy some if you’re taking it all camping. In addition, you’ll want to grab some salt flakes. Then, drizzle some caramel on your graham cracker and drop a pinch of salt flakes before smooshing your marshmallow into a sandwich.

Mexican Chocolate S’mores

Add some spice to your s’mores game with this recipe. You can find spicy chocolate bars in many stores. Also, you can bring along some chili powder and cinnamon. Prep your s’mores, and then dust the chocolate with your spices. It’s a sweet heat that you can’t beat.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel S’mores

Make your chocolate-covered pretzels ahead of time, so assembly is a snap. First, melt some chocolate in a double boiler. Then, dip your pretzels and lay them on some parchment paper to cool. Gather up your pretzels and bring them along to the campsite. In place of the chocolate bar, lay down a few chocolatey pretzels for a salty and crunchy change.

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Oreo Cookie S’mores

These s’mores are a sugar overload. First, twist apart some Oreos, and if you’re brave, put a piece of chocolate in there. Then, roast those marshmallows until they get gooey and sandwich them in with the top part. Be careful not to roast the giant marshmallows for this since they can overflow the cookie and might burn fingers.

Your imagination plus the simple goodness of s’mores can equal amazing desserts. Try one of these s’mores options. Or, create your own for a campfire tradition you’ll look forward to every time. And don’t forget the hand wipes.


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