Centerpieces To Prepare Your Table For Autumn

fall tablescape

There are so many great ways to celebrate the fall season in your home in Queensbury, NY. And one elegant way you can decorate your home is with bright and colorful centerpieces. Making an autumn centerpiece for your table can make dinner feel fancier and is a lovely way to bring fall colors indoors. But you don’t have to buy just one piece to display all fall. Get creative and try making these centerpieces to prepare your table for autumn.

A Gourd-eous Vase

Instead of using a glass vase to hold fresh flowers and foliage, try using a pumpkin. Of course, you can hollow out a real pumpkin or buy a faux pumpkin that will last a little longer without spoiling. A white pumpkin will highlight the flowers. Then, line the inside with a plastic bag to prevent leaks. Next, poke your flowers into a piece of floral foam so that all the foliage stays in place. If you are using real flowers, don’t forget to add water.

Nature’s Decor

Nothing brings the feel of fall inside like borrowing from nature. You can use bowls or baskets to contain pinecones, acorns, or small fallen branches. In addition, you can collect brightly colored fallen leaves to create a minimal but attractive look. These little bits of nature also look nice scattered around the table or grouped around candlesticks.

All the Leaves Are Falling

When you trim back your trees for the winter or cut damaged branches, you can easily gather small branches for this centerpiece. Gather three or four vases and arrange branches in groups. For example, one group could be green. Then, each group gets more yellow, orange, or red for a fall rainbow. This is also a simple centerpiece to update throughout the season.

Go for Golden

Giving your fall arrangement a metallic coat can help you achieve a classic look. It is a good idea to make this centerpiece with faux leaves and floral items. First, pick out the faux pumpkins, gourds, branches, and leaves you like. Then, take each part and use a bronze, copper, or gold spray paint to coat each side. Once everything is dry, put your centerpiece together for a bright and metallic fall display.

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A Cut Above

Natural wood accents can elevate your fall centerpiece. First, create the autumn centerpiece for your table. Then, set it on a cut of wood. Birch has an attractive white bark that makes it a great choice. You can use a thin cut or a thick piece that puts your centerpiece on a pedestal. A wooden platform also brings the focus to the center of the table when it is set with all your dinner dishes.

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