Catch The Acrobats Of Cirquetacular!

Astonished child at circus

The fantastic feats of professional acrobats are unrivaled among any other shows. Now, you can check them out at an upcoming performance near you. The Acrobats of Cirquetacular will be coming to Lake George, NY, this summer to put on a display you’ll never forget. Now is the time to get tickets and secure your spot to see the spectacle. There’s no better way to spend a summer day than to watch the mind-blowing artistry and talent of these performers.

When to See the Show

Summertime can be busy. For example, it’s the ideal season to get out and explore new adventures. It’s prime vacation too, so you’ll want to clear your schedule to see the Acrobats of Cirquetacular. They’ll put their talents to work on July 29 from 8 to 9 p.m. at the French Mountain Playhouse at the Lake George RV Park in Lake George, NY. Registered guests of the park will be able to see the show for free. To make your reservations at the park and to see the show, call 518-792-3775. The park is at 74 State Route 149.

About the Acrobats

Based in New York City, the Acrobats of Cirquetacular is a performing arts company. The group specializes in acrobatic skills. Furthermore, 20 full-time members make up the renowned group. The team has performed in a number of places. For example, the company has thrilled audiences in off-Broadway shows and touring productions. They have showcased their talents all over the U.S. as well as across the globe.

Different Shows

The performers have taken part in many types of shows. For instance, recent shows include the Art of Circus, Showkus, Pocus: Enchant of Spring, and Spring-A-Ding-DING! The group also has wowed the crowds with Gatsby to Glam, Let There Be …, Shimmer: A Winter Cirque Reverie, and Vivaldi &Vaudeville.

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What to Expect

When you watch the Acrobats of Cirquetacular, you’ll see an amazing show that can last up to an hour and 40 minutes. However, some shows are as short as 45 minutes. There is often an intermission for longer shows. During these performances, there will be three to nine performers. If you have never seen an acrobatic show before, you are in for a treat. Firstly, the performers will display phenomenal feats of strength, agility, and flexibility. The performers will bend, twist, flip, jump, and fly. They’ll work on tricks alone, in tandem, and with multiple members of the company. It’ll be fun for everyone in the family.

For summer thrills and entertainment, you should check out the Acrobats of Cirquetacular when the group comes to Lake George in July. It’ll be a show you’ll never forget and will want to see time and again.

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