8 Crafty Easter Décor Ideas

Pink natural colored easter egg arrangement

Easter home decorations have an inherently whimsical nature that can bring a light, cheerful atmosphere to your home. And adding a few Easter craft ideas to your decoration plans makes the holiday so much more fun, especially if you have children. Best of all, if you choose less extravagant Easter crafts, you can repurpose your art as spring décor. Below is a list of eight wonderful Easter arts and craft ideas that you can keep up all season long.

Easy Bunny Art

  • DIY Burlap Bunny Art – This DIY Burlap Bunny looks like a high-end décor item, but it takes less than 10 minutes to make. All you need is a picture frame, burlap fabric, and white craft paint. Follow this brief tutorial for the full instructions.
  • Burlap Bunny Table Runner – This Burlap bunny table runner looks vintage and similar to the framed version above, but it doesn’t take a lot of time to make. You can print out a template here. If you want to keep this item up all spring, just skip the pom-pom addition in the last step.
  • Lace Easter Bunny Canvas – Another bunny. What can we say? It’s Easter. This one uses lace and adhesive instead of craft paint. If you’re going for a more elegant décor style, you’ll prefer this bunny to the others. Get the instructions here.

Eggy Décor

  • Spring Easter Egg Display – Spring has sprung! Create a spring display with painted eggs and golden wire springs. This simple project will add a pop of spring color to any room without being overly Easter-oriented.
  • Stone Easter Eggs – This simple trick can turn your cheap plastic Easter eggs into an elegant spring display. Just find a can of stone spray paint and give your plastic eggs a makeover. You can use this trick to upgrade another plastic décor as well.
  • Easter Egg Garland – The bright, pastel colors of Easter decorations are wonderful for a few weeks, but creating decorations with more muted colors can help extend their use. Try making these paper eggs in a cool color palette.

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Easter Wreaths

  • Spring Berry Wreath – Use the scraps from your burlap art to help you put together this wreath of spring berries.
  • Easter Wreath –  Once again, skipping the pastel color palette in your décor can help you extend your Easter decorations. Instead of a flowery wreath covered in bright pink and yellow eggs, make this grapevine wreath with neutral colors.

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