10 Must-Read Mystery Novels In 2023

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Settling in with a good book is always a great time, and there’s nothing like reading a good mystery or thriller novel. Pop Sugar has a great list of nearly 100 mystery novels released in 2023, so let’s take a look at some great ones!

Thicker Than Water

In Megan Collins’s novel, “Thicker Than Water,” the bond between two women is tested when the man who brought them together becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Julia and Sienna Larkin are not only best friends but also sisters-in-law and business partners, all thanks to Julia’s husband and Sienna’s brother, Jason. Their relationship seems unbreakable until Jason’s boss is killed, and he ends up in a coma after a severe car accident. As the police identify Jason as the main suspect in the murder, Sienna vehemently denies the possibility, while Julia becomes increasingly concerned that there may be hidden aspects of Jason’s life they are unaware of. As they delve into Jason’s secrets and personal life, their friendship starts to fracture as one of them begins to doubt Jason’s innocence.

All The Sinners Bleed

In “All the Sinners Bleed” by S.A. Cosby, Titus Crown, the first black sheriff of Charon County, VA, should have been celebrating his one-year anniversary. However, his plans are disrupted when a shooting occurs, involving a teacher, a student, and his own deputies. As Titus delves into the investigation, he uncovers the unsettling truth that a serial killer lurks within their small community. Things take a chilling turn when Titus discovers a connection between the killer and the local church, revealing the dark history of the town.

Sing Her Down

In Ivy Pochoda’s novel “Sing Her Down,” the story revolves around the release of former cellmates, Florida and Dios, from prison, and their intense fixation on each other. Their troubled relationship takes a devastating turn, resulting in dire consequences. Florida maintains her innocence, stating that her only involvement was driving a car for a dangerous individual while under the influence. However, Dios remains skeptical of her claims, believing that she is not as innocent as she portrays herself to be and wants her to take responsibility for her actions. Initially, their paths should diverge after their early release due to the pandemic, but unable to let go of each other, their destructive dynamic escalates into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, destined to end in tragedy.

Beware the Woman

Jacy, a second-grade teacher, is on the verge of achieving her long-held aspirations. She is blissfully in love with her husband, Jed, expecting their first child, and eager to embrace the joys of starting a family. During a summer road trip to visit Jed’s seldom-mentioned family, Jacy’s plans take an unexpected turn when she falls ill, confining her to the cabin for the rest of the journey. Unable to determine if it’s just her own suspicions or if there’s a deliberate intent to isolate her from the outside world, Jacy becomes increasingly uncertain. In Megan Abbott’s “Beware the Woman,” understanding the dynamics of the family you marry into becomes crucial for survival.

The Golden Spoon

“The Golden Spoon” by Jessa Maxwell is an exhilarating debut novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through a deadly baking competition. Set in the world of competitive baking, the story revolves around “Bake Week,” an exclusive event hosted by renowned baker Betsy Martin. As six talented competitors join the show, the atmosphere quickly turns hostile with acts of sabotage targeting the contestants. Suspicions arise when one of them is found dead, making everyone a potential suspect. Trust becomes scarce, and the kitchen turns into a treacherous battleground. Uncover the shocking truth in “The Golden Spoon.”

Don’t Fear the Reaper

Stephen Graham Jones’s thrilling novel, “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” serves as an intensely dark and bloody sequel to his horror masterpiece, “My Heart Is a Chainsaw.” In this spine-chilling narrative, Jade Daniels, an avid enthusiast of slasher films, manages to survive the horrifying Independence Day massacre. However, she quickly realizes that the horrors she thought only existed on the big screen have now become her grim reality. Returning to her hometown, Jade’s worst fears manifest when a notorious hook-handed serial killer named Dark Mill South escapes during a prison transfer. With a long list of victims behind him, this sadistic murderer chooses Jade’s town as the stage for his next deadly rampage. Now, Jade is forced to rely on her encyclopedic knowledge of horror films in order to outwit the killer and protect herself and her friends from becoming part of his gruesome collection.

The Villa

Rachel Hawkins continues to captivate readers with her latest suspenseful novel, “The Villa.” The story follows childhood best friends Emily and Chess, whose lives have taken different paths in adulthood, causing them to grow apart. In an effort to reconnect, Chess suggests a trip to an exquisite Italian villa, presenting the perfect opportunity for them to catch up and reminisce. However, as Emily delves into the villa’s intriguing history, she stumbles upon a shocking revelation: a famous rock star was murdered within its walls. Uncovering hidden clues scattered throughout the estate, Emily embarks on a relentless investigation into the star’s murder, which begins to strain her relationship with Chess. Unbeknownst to them, the villa holds dark secrets from the past, making it apparent that history may repeat itself in terrifying ways. “The Villa” is yet another enthralling mystery from Rachel Hawkins, guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Lowdown Road

It is the summer of ’74, a time when Richard Nixon resigns from office and CB radios gain popularity. In Texas, two cousins come up with a daring plan to transport $1 million worth of illicit goods to Idaho. Meanwhile, an eccentric individual prepares to attempt jumping Snake River Canyon on a rocket-powered motorcycle. However, their adventure takes a dangerous turn as they attract the attention of a determined sheriff and the notorious kingpin of central Texas, both determined to reclaim the stolen stash. Scott Von Doviak has written a thrilling and perilous journey for his characters’ lives, with survival as their ultimate goal.

Magic City Blues

When Kincaid, a low-level lawbreaker, takes on a new assignment, he quickly realizes that it’s not the promotion he was hoping for – it’s a trap. Initially tasked with protecting Abby Doyle, the daughter of Birmingham, Alabama’s most notorious crime lord, things take a turn for the worse when Abby’s fiancé is murdered. Kincaid is then forced to join forces with Laura D’Agostino, a detective from the Birmingham Police Department, in order to track down the killer and ensure Abby’s safety, even if it means going against her own father. Bobby Mathews’ second novel is a wild romp through one of the great Southern cities.

Because The Night

Henry Malone, a former state trooper and recovering alcoholic, is running for sheriff with the backing of campaign funds from the owner of a local strip club. Despite his reservations, he agrees to help a pregnant woman find her missing ex-con boyfriend. Accompanied by his well-armed AA sponsor Woody, Henry’s search leads him to an ongoing homicide investigation being conducted by Lieutenant Jackie Hall, one of the few cops in West Virginia who still trusts him. During a violent confrontation, Jackie is gravely injured, leaving Henry determined to seek justice. However, seeking vengeance proves complicated for Henry, especially when an unexpected old enemy reemerges. As the body count rises and betrayals unfold, the situation reaches its boiling point with a morning assault on a farmhouse. Henry and Woody find themselves pitted against a dangerous gang of criminals with nothing to lose. James D.F. Hannah wraps up his award-winning Malone series with his best book to date.

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