Your Kids Will Have A Blast With These 10 Indoor Activities

sisters watching a movie under a cardboard tent

When you live in an area that is prone to snow and freezing temperatures, the winter season might be challenging for you as a parent. With that in mind, we put together a list of 10 indoor activities that your kids will have a blast with this winter.

Construct a Cardboard Playhouse

You can get a large refrigerator box from a local builder, furniture store, or appliance distribution center. Cut out a door and windows, then help your child decorate it with markers, stickers, glitter glue, fabric, feathers, ribbons, and more to make it look like a castle.

Play Dough Made from Scratch

You can make this playdough recipe so easily, and it smells so much better than store-bought stuff. Kids are sure to love it!

Sumo Style Wrestling

If and when your kids are feeling restless, just make a wrestling ring in your living room by laying pillows around the perimeter. Let them borrow an old t-shirt. Stuff it with pillows and blow off some steam with a good old fashioned wrestling match. 

Build Marshmallow Models

Use dried spaghetti and miniature marshmallows to build anything your child can imagine, including abstract art, tiny pets, or other simple structures.

Make Cardboard Feet for Your Monster

Use the leftover cardboard from your playhouse and some tape to make awesome monster slippers that will be sure to last all winter long.

Embrace Your Child’s Inner Mad Scientist

Let your child experience the magic of soap and water. Make the bathtub into a laboratory and let your child get messy!

Play Marble Races

If you have a pool noodle lying around, don’t throw it out. Cut it in half lengthwise with a serrated knife, and show the kids how to make a fun marble run.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Clues! Riddles! Treasure chest! Hide treasures around the house, and then write a few riddles for them to solve. Then, send your players on a journey to find the treasure chest. 

Design and Build a Tapestry Table

Turn an old coffee table into a tapestry table using large pieces of fabric and some yarn—a great craft for your child to learn how to work with small tools.

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Establish a Reading Nook in Your Home

Remember books? Those were neat. They allowed you to go on adventures, experience different lives, and learn things. 

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