Ways To Encourage Outdoor Play This Spring

Summer camp friends

Summer camp friends

Don’t let the pollen ruin the warm weather! As spring arrives and the weather warms up, encourage your kiddos to put up the video games and hit the backyard with these tips.

Invite their Friends

Spending time outdoors should be a community activity. As we all know, kids feed off other kids, so if others are playing outside, that will encourage others to do so. Plan outdoor activities like hiking, recreational soccer, recreational kickball, or biking and invite all of the kids on the block to join in on the fun.

Less Fear and More Joy

Do you worry about your kids wandering around? Some parents’ biggest fear is letting their kids run around the neighborhood, only for them to get hurt or come in contact with strangers. As long as they travel in groups and they stay close to the house, while staying in communication with you, your child will be safe. Sure, things do happen from time to time, but if you set boundaries like the kind of activities they are allowed to play and how far from the house they can go, you don’t have to worry as much. Don’t be afraid to give them a little freedom, as that is when your kids become independent.

Get Other Parents Involved

You’re not the only one who feels like parenting is a jungle! You don’t have to be the only parent telling their child to go outside for some fresh air while everyone else’s kids sit in front of a screen. When you have an encouraging community of parents pushing the same things, it’s easier to get the kids outside. Like the kids say, “everyone is doing it!” Be the neighborhood of parents that always have a game of pickup football going on.

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Make it a Routine

Playing outside will become second nature to the kiddos when it becomes a part of their routine. As soon as they get home from school, feed them a snack, and send them outdoors for 30 to 60 minutes of free play before it gets dark. They will start to look forward to some extra time in the sunshine when they know it’s coming up.

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