Grab A Sweet Treat In Queensbury

child in sweet shop

child in sweet shop

You just finished lunch or dinner, and your sweet tooth is calling your name. If you are in Queensbury, there’s no shortage of sweet treats!

Martha’s Dandee Creme

Is your go-to, favorite dessert an ice cream cone? Head on over to Martha’s Dandee Creme to pile a cone with your favorite flavors. Your options change daily, but there is no shortage of soft serve at Martha’s, including the all-American flavors like Coffee, Strawberry, Chocolate, Birthday Cake, and much more.

If you have a craving for something fruity, the Dole Lemon, Dole Raspberry, or Orange Cream Twist is sure to do the trick. This ice cream shop also specializes in your favorite foods right off the grill, as well as the handheld ice cream sandwiches called “Cremewiches.”

Lake George Baking Company

If pastries, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and other fine bakery items sound more up to your speed, Lake George Baking Company is your dessert destination. Offering two locations, one located in Lake George, and the other located right in Queensbury, this baking company has the treats to satisfy your craving, or better yet, a crowd.

Not to forget, they bake fresh dinner rolls and even bake extravagant wedding cakes. Contact them to place an order for your special event. Then, stop by to test out all of the goodies!

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Nina’s Sweet Shoppe

If treating yourself to something sweet makes you think back to your childhood when you would gaze at the candy store, anxiously picking out your favorite treats, pay a visit to Nina’s Sweet Shoppe at Lake George. This sweet little wonder is a one-stop shop, offering everything from fudge to ice cream, candies, candy apples, and much more.

After browsing through their Facebook reviews, you will see how truly passionate the customers are about Nina’s, as some say they serve the best ice cream in the city. Not to forget, coffee and dessert are the perfect match, so be sure to grab a cup of joe during your visit as well. Enjoy!

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