It Is Easy To Stay Organized With These Tips

Tidy wardrobe

Tidy wardrobe

A new year is just the nudge you need to finally get your home organized. Whether it’s your fridge, mail, clothes, or the DIY projects you attempted, we have the tips to help you keep your home organized in 2022.

Say No to Clutter

We all have a “junk drawer” in the kitchen or the office – it’s inevitable. Although, if you aren’t careful, that drawer can often turn into a junk-filled room. From mail to notebooks, instructions, or last year’s Christmas card, it can get quite out of hand. It’s all about purging. When you pick up the mail, most of it is junk anyway. Sift through the envelopes and catalogs to find what you need, and immediately throw away the rest. Just like you do with your email – it’s time to get rid of your junk!

Clean Out the Fridge

Mom, whoever told you that you had to cook a fresh, homecooked meal every night was seriously mistaken. If you do, leftovers will end up being thrown out, rather than repurposed for another family meal. Label a spot or drawer in your fridge as “Eat Me First.” That way, leftovers never get wasted, and everyone knows what’s left to enjoy. You will find that you are buying fewer groceries as well, so that’s a win, win!

A Push on Pinterest

Being organized doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all cute. Your Pinterest board may beg to differ, but that’s not always the most cost-effective or useful solution. Find what works for you and your space, rather than worrying about aesthetics. Let’s be honest, a cute, perfectly put together home for a family isn’t always ideal. That’s why it’s on Pinterest!

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It Starts With the Dresser

Is your dresser overflowing? It may be time to have one instead of two. Before you hit the closet or shoe rack, start with your dresser. Throw out damaged or raggedy clothes, donate clothes in nice but used condition, and store away clothing that is out of season.

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